Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, the world government?

The CEO of the mightiest social media platform is basically the leader of the largest nation in the world. Is he worried his digital country will fall?

The world is Zuckerberg’s oyster. Source: Gerhard W. Loub 2011

Facebook has no borders, no land, no social security. But what it does have, is people and the future of globalisation in its hands.

Zuckerberg recently voiced his concerns about where the world is heading. He said now is the time to fix things – tax arrangements, fake news, political polarisation etc. and connect to each other.

“We have to make sure the global community works for everyone. It is not just automatically going to happen.” He told the BBC.

Well, what Zuckerberg needs to hear, but probably already understands, is that he’s the one dictating that global future even though it’s the users, the people, who fuels the engines of every social media platform. Yes, that’s true. But Facebook has the power to direct nearly 2 billion people and 60 million businesses to where they want them to go on the path to increased globalisation.

Social media has, since its inception, been connecting people and businesses across the globe. In late 2008, Facebook had around 100 million users. Now, Zuckerberg’s creation has 1.86 billion monthly active users and around 60 million business pages.

And the global nation of Facebook just keeps growing. At the moment, the population is around 500 million more than in China. About 1.5 million more than the US. Thing is, if you’re unhappy in the US, you can elect a new president or relocate for change.

If you’re disappointed in Facebook, however, you won’t leave. You can’t leave, everything you’ve got is on there!

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • News and information

Everything you need is on there. The one nation you will likely never want to leave, because you can watch and read things from across the globe in seconds.

So, Zuckerberg got his digital country, which is the largest in the world by population. It’s growing. He’s making money. He’s in control. So you might think, what’s he actually worried about?

This is what he told the BBC:

“There are people around the world that feel left behind by globalisation and the rapid changes that have happened, and there are movements as a result to withdraw from some of that global connection.”

Withdraw from some of that global connection? Leave Facebook?

Zuckerberg continued:

“All these different kinds of institutions, whether they are governments, or non-profits, or companies, need to do their part in building this infrastructure to empower people so that it creates opportunities for everyone, not just some people.”

Hold it right there, Mr Zuckerberg.

Facebook is the company which has taken advantage of globalisation more than any other.

One example: they’ve been good at maximising profits through tax-avoidance made available trough globalisation; Routing revenue from its advertisers through Ireland and reducing the UK tax bill.

The global community has worked, and is working, for YOU, Mr Zuckerberg, world government leader.

What do you think? Should we continue to “connect to each other” to facilitate the progress of Fac… I mean globalisation?



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