The Noosa coastal walk

“Look! A turtle!” one of us cheerfully exclaimed. We walked over to the edge, filled with excitement. We only watched it float around for a few seconds, seemingly without a care in the world. Then, behind our backs beyond another cliff, something much, much bigger revealed itself. But let us start from the beginning.

Me and a few friends are standing at the beginning of the trail which is going to take us into Noosa National Park. The hike around the coastline of the park promised rainforest, beaches and animals of all kinds.

And it did not disappoint. We start making our way along the winding ocean track. The turquoise water is reflecting the midday-sun, the waves are soothingly washing towards the shore and birds are singing in the trees.

Noosa National Park is truly one of nature’s gifts to mankind

After 1km of strolling and passing the sandy Tea Tree Bay, we reach Dolphin point. The lookout provides an amazing view of Granite Bay, the next beach along the trail.

We all agree that taking photos at Dolphin point is a given, and spend a few minutes getting satisfactory angles and backgrounds. From here, gravel takes over the track and we need to watch our step.

The quiet Granite Bay is filled with stones, as expected. We decide to go for a refreshing swim before continuing, as we were the only people there at the time.

Granite Bay, located about a kilometre from the main park entrance

A further 1.5km of spectacular views lead us to Hell’s Gates, which would end up being the highlight of the day.

What surfaced behind us while watching the turtle, was a migrating humpback whale mother and her calf. We rushed over and could not contain our excitement.

“Don’t go too close to the edge, dear!” an old lady called. She sat on a bench, enjoying the view.

Hell’s Gates provides stunning views, Alexandria Bay to the south and Double Island to the north Point to the north

After soaking the afternoon sun for a while, we walked back more than satisfied.

The national park is a must for anyone visiting Noosa. Allow for at least 2-3 hours, bring water, put on good shoes and sunscreen, and enjoy the picturesque nature.

And if you are lucky, you may spot a koala.


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