Cosy Japanese takeaway delivers

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon and my growling stomach made itself known. I stumbled into Tampopo Japanese Takeaway.

The two ladies working behind the deli in the open kitchen instantly greeted me with friendly smiles. Like most Asian establishments, there were pictures of their different dishes hanging on the wall. However, these were framed, which was a nice addition.

I ordered “Yakisoba noodle” with chicken, it was only $10. Every dinner meal was $10 actually. Very cheap.Whilst waiting for my food to be cooked, which you can supervise due to the open kitchen, I had a look around.

It didn’t take long; the place is very small. A few wooden tables with a red and white chequered table cloth. It felt a bit off, not what’s usually on the tables of Asian restaurants.

I also noticed the music playing. Old-school Italian opera was the genre of choice this afternoon. Not sure if it was their preferred music or the radio trying to combine the two cultures.

Anyway, the deli had a fairly limited selection of sushi. But, the establishment is on the smaller side so it’s understandable.


The Yakisoba noodle dish is ready in about ten minutes, including beautiful plate-arrangement. That was fast! I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, especially considering its price. Could have been more food on the plate. But again, for $10, that’s probably expecting too much.

Overall I’m pleased and leave the cosy place more than satisfied and I’m more than likely to make a return.

I recommend you to try it out for yourself. Should you wish to do so, head over to Tampopo Japanese Takeaway, 15/7 Scholars Drive at Chancellor Park.

You won’t be disappointed.


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